UPDATE: SUSPECTS NAMED IN GIANT MARIES COUNTY METH BUST - Street value estimate raised to $145,000 - Sheriff hopes it sends message

During the evening hours of November 14 members of the Maries County Sheriff's Office SWAT team and the Lake Area Narcotics Enforcement Group executed a search warrant at a residence on Maries County Road 302. The residence belonged to Starla M. Dudenhoeffer age 51 of Vienna.  Timothy D. James age 52 of Vienna was also a resident there.

Investigators located a substantial amount of crystal meth weighing over 3 pounds.  That amount of product is worth approximately $145,000 on the street market.  Investigators also located numerous items of drug paraphernalia, items related to the sales of controlled substances, and several weapons. 

Dudenhoeffer and James were arrested for the drug violations and later charged with trafficking a controlled substance a class A felony.  Both remain in the Maries County Jail on no bond.  James is also currently on probation for felony possession of controlled substance.

Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman said, "The local drug world took a substantial hit last night.  This was the most Crystal Meth we have ever recovered at one time.  I hope that this will deter other drug dealers from coming to this area."

In a brief interview with CNL Thursday night, Sheriff Heitman said, "The LANEG Drug Task Force if a very productive group that overall saves the county money by cleaning up meth labs.  It would cost us more than the $10,000 (we pay for their help each year) in meth lab clean up.  Plus they assist in almost all our drug cases.


9:15 PM THURSDAY:  A stash of three pounds of crystal methamphetamine -- with an estimated street value of $100,000 -- has been seized in Maries County.

Maries County borders Gasconade County to the southwest.

Two suspects have been arrested and have been delivered to the Maries County Jail.  Their identities will be made public after they are officially charged tomorrow.

As of 9:15 p.m., Sheriff Chris Heitman told CNL that members of the Maries County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team and the Lake Area Narcotics Enforcement Group (LANEG) are still conducting a search of a residence on Maries County Road 302 in Vienna.  That search began at 7:30 p.m.

Heitman told CNL, "It's the biggest crystal meth bust ever in Maries County."

Also seized were numerous items related to the sale and use of methamphetamines, and drug paraphernalia.

Weapons were also found in the residence.


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