Christmas magic lights a Hermann wonderland

Chris Cady

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?  In the lane, snow is glistening . . . the Weihnachtsfest is coming to town.  German heritage created the wonders of feather trees, chalk Santa figures, hand-blown Christmas glass ornaments, tinsel, candle lights, toys, and cherished traditions. 

Business owners plan to provide the public with an invitation to return to childhood for another look at twinkling white lights in store front windows and a chance to survey every inch of decorated windows reminiscent of Macy’s, the Kansas City Plaza, and St. Louis’s Famous and Barr.

Oh, what a wonderful sight to walk in a memory wonderland!

The Children’s Lantern Parade, led by Father Christmas, will herald the lighting of Christmas Past,  Saturday, November 24, 2012, at 4:30 PM,  as shop owners flip the light switches of Christmas Magic.   

You are invited to return to a time of magic and to awaken your personal memories of the wonders of Christmastide.  Join us for the lighting, the memories, and the parade.  On cold winter nights, continue to stroll the lighted lanes of Christmas joy and relive the happy moments of enchantment and magic of Santa, elves, reindeer, and presents.


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