Hermann Fitness Source Silver Sneakers® aquatic program completes its 5th year

Pictured left to right:  Row 1 – June Fricke, Darlene Schneider, Susan Lenger- instructor, Eileen Parr.  Row 2 – Kathy Wright, Nancy Gleeson, Maxine Witte, Ann Reid, Dorthy Coulter.  Row 3 – LuVerne Schweerkotting, Rosie Branson, Carol Paubel, Audrey Pottebaum, Patricia Heldt, Anne Althauser.

Not Pictured:  Donna Batson, Gladys Schulte, Sara Pottebaum, Lee Ann Molyneux and Mary Berlener.

The Hermann Fitness Source Silver Sneakers® Aquatic Program completed its 5th year. This program is designed to help manage arthritis and provide low impact exercise for other related diseases.

The program includes exercises to improve the participants overall function and performance of daily tasks.  And that’s not all; just ask the group of 15 ladies that participate and these are a few of their comments.

“The fellowship with the other ladies – and Susan – has been a big help.”

“It gave me something to look forward to on Mon., Wed., and Fri., when I got up in the morning.”

“It really makes my arthritis feel better over the summer.  I have come to every class since it started.”

“I have arthritis and the pool exercises help so much I can’t begin to tell you all the way it helps.”

This group of dedicated ladies wishes that the program could continue.  That one day there will be an indoor pool so that they could have the benefits of an aquatic program all year round.

Importance to me: