Who remembers this sign?

Old Sign

Today, this old sign graces the Bland Antique Mall, on Hwy. 28, just east of Bland, Mo.

But do you remember the original business this sign was made for?

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Correct!  It was one of the signs for the chain of St. Louis-area discount stores known as "Grandpa's" or "Grandpa Pidgeon's."  The last Grandpa's store perished 11 years ago.

It's great to see the old sign in such good condition.

Following is from the online encyclopedia called Wikipedia:

GrandPa's or GrandPa Pidgeon's was a discount store founded in 1954 by Tom and Mildred Pidgeon, spreading across the midwest from its Bridgeton, MO (near St. Louis) origins, which remained truly "discount", when most others like Venture, Kmart and Target gradually raised prices in order to finance a more attractive layout and broader range of merchandise.

The company was owned by Gramex Corporation founded in 1958 which also oversaw such companies as Forsyth Computers and Omni Sports, which was forced to close due to increasing competition.

GrandPa's was sold, in 1999, to Value City. It had approximately $200 million in sales in its final year. It was profitable until its sale, failing to end only 1993 in the black, but was said to be facing a harder struggle near the end.

The company was known for their newspaper distributed advertising circulars that were printed mostly with black ink on a brown paper, in contrast to the glossy full color circulars of competitors.

In October 2008, a former Grandpa's employee started a website as a gathering place for all former GrandPa's, GrandPa Pidgeon's, and Gramex employees. It is a place for them to re-connect with old friends and share stories of your time at GrandPa's. It can be found at: www.grandpasreunion.com

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I laugh every time I see that sign in Bland. But never knew the meaning behind it. I might still laugh, but now I know why it's there.


 I agree the the others, it is from Grandpa Pigeons store. Have not seen that old man in a long time.

Sign at Bland Antique Mall

It is from the Grandpa Pigeon Store that was on St. Charles Rock Road in the St. Ann area.

Grandpa Pigeons!!

Grandpa Pigeons!!!


His cane is gone!! LOL!!

You're right!

I forgot all about the cane!  We have some smart readers -- with good memories!