Hermann-Palooza is coming back this year--and your band can be part of it

County News Live has signed on to help sponsor the second annual Hermann-Palooza concert coming this May, and with a little more than two months left before the show, we're still missing the most important part--the bands.

We're looking for alternative, rock, punk and metal bands to play one set each at the concert. Lyrics cannot include references to drug abuse, and bands will be selected based on admission of music samples.

To register your band, contact Julie Lassiter at (573) 486-5425 ext. 5064 or at jlassiter@hermann.k12.mo.us.

The concert will rock the Clara Eitmann-Messmer Amphitheatre on May 7. Gates open at 5:30 p.m. and the concert ends at 10:00 p.m.

The Hermann High School Jazz Band will play a set as part of the concert, too. There really is something for all ages.

Admission is free, but donations to the Hermann Food Pantry are strongly encouraged. Concession and T-shirt sales for the event will beneft the Hermann High School Yearbook.

Hermann-Palooza is a drug-free event.

Importance to me: 


This is cool

You asked a couple of weeks ago in an article what the community can do for the kids. This is what they need! A place to show off thier talent. Hermann has a lot more talent in their teenagers than what shows up on the football field or basket ball court. Unfortunately that is where most of the recognition lies. I was happy when my son told me that Mrs. Lassiter was going to pursue this again. Thanks CNL for hopping on board. What a great asset your company of "Paloozers" are!!!



the Mother of a Paloozer

Hermann Palooza

I am awe of this!

I wish the town leaders had been this inclusive, broad-minded and in-touch with the youth culture when I was a miserable teenager growing up in Hermann. Actually, I think everyone was a miserable teenager at one point or another. But back then (when the dinosaurs roamed the earth) there were programs for farmer kids and athletes and that was pretty much it. Counter culture was considered rebellious, evil and bad, bad, bad. We weren't bad...just bored.

Some of the most sensitive, artistic, creative, and politically aware people I've ever known were a part of that crowd.

Good on you!!!


Congradulations to county

Congradulations to county news live for sining on to help sponsor this event.  Just think maby the next Elvis or Willie can say I got my start in Hermann, Mo.